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N o i e  B e a u t y


Bridal & Commercial Hairstylist

We’ve all been there; you got something special coming up, need to get your headshots updated or just want to look fabulous. But how do you find the time in your busy schedule to make an appointment and get over to the salon? Why deal with all the hassle when you can have your personal stylist come right to you! NOIE BEAUTY is a mobile styling service created by Stylist Ryan McGovern for all you gorgeous ladies living in the Greater Toronto Area. Also what we believe in and why were doing this, let me help you with this journey with 


It is always an honour and a privilege to be part of someone’s special day and Ryan loves nothing more than being able to make clients feel confident and beautiful. From a very young age Ryan had a creative flare for both fashion and hair. He started his career in fashion as a model before moving on as a visual merchandiser and working for prominent companies for several years. Ryan's career changing moment was sparked during a conversation with his sister who highlighted that he had a great talent for styling hair. With that he took the first steps to investigate this path and discovered his true passion.

Ryan is now a licensed hair stylist with 6 years in the hair industry. His experience spans from catering to high-profile clients of the Granite Club, to working with modelling agencies, to working on-location with the beautiful and elegant clients of Shannon Petrolito Hair Artistry which include brides, editorial shoots and special events. With all my work, he strives to create a deluxe experience and a highly personalized look for each client who sits in the chair, and trusts me to make them feel poised and radiant.

You wanna feel fabulous ?... Look gorgeous?... Just book the look!

- Noie Beauty 

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