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98 Aroma, It’s Aromatic!

Updated: May 29, 2018

Located in the heart of Chinatown. This isn't your typical Chinese restaurant. 98 Aroma is all in its name and their goal is for you to experience all the different flavours that's comes along with fine Northern Chinese cuisine. We were introduced to this restaurant by our friend Tiffany Leigh who just so happens to be a food enthusiast and freelance journalist.

Staying true to more traditional flavours and preparation this food has got to be the best Chinese food I've had in a while, I have to say my favourite dish was the spicy beef and those additive pancakes...(deep fried anything is great).

One of the main things I enjoyed the most about 98 Aroma was that the food wasn't heavy and didn't leave me feeling lethargic. You felt rather light as it wasn't pumped with gmo's and refined sugars. 98 used natural ingredients like honey, lime and olive oils. The second thing I enjoyed was that the food wasn’t one single overpowering flavour; rather every bite had a whirlwind of different spices all wrapped into one, which made my taste buds very happy.

Now lets talk about the decor. The rich dark wood ambiance with stone and imported artifacts makes you feel like you were transported back to ancient China. Every detail is paid attention to, right down to serving ware and the table setting.

It's shows how much they care about the clientele and the intent to give them the most authentic experience as possible. This is perfect for a romantic night out on the town or for people looking for something more than the typical Chinese food night.This new gem is definitely my new go to restaurant when I have a craving for Chinese food in China town.

Check out their website at If you want to try it out.

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