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An Ethereal Night with Amato Couture

Updated: May 29, 2018

It was a night was beauty and wonder as piece after piece of this ethereal collection by Amato Couture glided down the aisles of the Church of the Redeemer in Toronto this past Saturday.

With much theatre in it as it was a fashion show, Furne One delivered yet another stunning runway presentation that elevated the senses.

The ambiance of this beautiful old church really complemented (and perhaps even heightened) the overall experience and made for a more immersive evening. If fashion was a religion this would be how a service would look!

Each piece looked so delicately put together, it was as if the material were an extension of the models’ own skin. Beautifully cut and put together to bring out a truly feminine silhouette.

I am thrilled that Furne One was able to host their very own presentation in this unique venue as you were able to truly appreciate his art.

There were so many pieces I loved that it was hard to pick just one favourite. The experience as a whole was beautifully executed and without fail it was an embodiment of what Amato stands for!


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