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Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Noie Lifestyle: FAT runway

I am always taken back by the level of creative energy found in Toronto and it's great to see an event that brings together all forms of it under one umbrella! FAT has continued to grow and I am pleased to see that it's 2018 program continued to push the boundaries in the right direction.

Noie Lifestyles: FAT artwork

It you have not heard of this amazing week long event you are missing out! If there is one place to come and see unhindered creativity that mixes various forms for creative expression it is FAT.

Noie Lifestyle: FAT Pop Up Shop

For me personally this event is more about the artists then any other event out there! Giving many emerging talents a platform that they may otherwise not have the clout to get in order to showcase themselves.

Noie Lifestyles: FAT

Mixing a number of forms of expression from art, fashion, media, song and dance it is a celebration of human creativity in all its glory. There are no boundaries here and everyone is welcome be it on the runway or in the audience.

The highlight for me was certainly being able to go backstage and get in on the action. Being right in the middle of the organized chaos as everyone rushed to put the final touches and prep the models certainly gives you a very different perspective. The creative team at Electric London did an amazing job with the hair, thank you letting me part of it for moment. I will defiantly be trying out the goodies I got from them so keep an eye out for a new blog post on it!

Noie Lifestyles: Electric Hairdressing goodie bag

As a hub that brings all this emerging creativity together you are sure to walk away with a few new friends if you attend it. I am for sure be touching base with some of the wonderful people I have met in the near future in hopes of potential calibrations!


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