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MOCA gets A new home

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) has finally opened its doors at its new location at the Lower Junction Triangle in Toronto's Westend. Taking over the lower floors of the former Tower Automotive Building, MOCA finds its self at the heart of a newly revitalized neighbourhood that is truly shaping up to be an art hub in the city. The new location celebrates both the rich (nearly) 100 year heritage of the building and the contemporary art that is now houses in perfect harmony.

The 55,000 square foot new home aims to be both an evolving gallery to showcase Canadian talent as well as a cultural hub where artists can work as well as interact with the community at large. It aims to foster dialogue between various groups and be an ever evolving medium to present creative thought... after a long wait it seems that the public is certainly thirsting for a new artistic outlet.

Contemporary art may not be everyone's thing but walking through the various levels of the gallery pieces will certainly engage you. You are bound to walk in on at least one thing that will have you pausing and making you think. So take a day to explore all that MOCA has to offer Torotonians, there is dialogue waiting to happen!


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