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Updated: May 29, 2018

Clean, creative and chic perfectly describes a monochromatic look for me. It's different from what you would normally wear. Everyone is always trying to mix and match different colours so that they blend together, which sometimes can be very daunting especially if you gravitate to certain colours (or take the easy way out and just wear black).

Sometimes it's hard for me to choose outfits and I find that going the monochromatic way can make your life easier (especially in the morning when you can never find enough time to decide on your outfit) as you can narrow down the colours you are working with and work with less options.

Now if you don't have enough pieces from the same hue or colour tone to put together a full outfit you can always just do the top monochromatic and the pair it with a complimentary coloured pants (and vice versa). I personally love this transition look from late summer fall. This cashmere jacket is from Zara and it retails for $199. It has been paired with a textured shirt and pants from Topman.

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