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Acne, the Struggle is Real!

Updated: May 29, 2018

While I have been lucky enough to not have a major issue with acne as an adult, my partner has not been so lucky. So we are always on the hunt for a regimen to help control the breakouts. Dermalogica's medibac acne clearing kit is said to help treat and maintain acne prone adult skin, as I had good results with other products from Dermalogica before I got him to try it out.

The key with this (or any system) is making sure you stick to it! Dermalogica makes it easy by keeping the number of steps you need to follow to a minimum. In the morning wash your face with the Clearing Skin Wash and then apply a small amount of the Clearing Mattifier to your dry skin. At night use the Clearing Skin Wash again and then apply the Overnight Clearing Gel with your fingers.

Outside of these simple steps use the Sebum Clearing Masque a couple times a week. Just do it between washing your face and applying your cream. You got to apply a thin layer around your face and let it set for around 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing it off. If you start to feel the odd breakout bubbling up take a small amount of the Concealing Spot Treatment and dab it over the area. Typically you should see if go down within a day or two.

So far the verdict has been positive, in the last few months he has next to no breakouts. If it does start they are never as bad as it used to be and with the Spot Treatment it is usually gone


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