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Going Organic with L’Oreal

At L'Oreal's Unplugged event in Montreal I got to learn a bit more about their recently launched vegan friendly product line called Source Essentielle. This mostly organic line consists of 6 core products ( Daily Shampoo, Delicate Shampoo, Nourishing Shampoo, Radiance Balm, Daily Detangling Cream and Nourishing Balm).

Photo Credit L'Oreal Pro

Each of the products are made from at least 80% natural ingredients and are sulphate-free (the remaining 20%-10% are ingredients that are required to maintain their shelf life and those too have been carefully selected). The products are completely refillable and the packaging has been designed to reduce the carbon footprint (further promoting their earth friendly positioning). I am glad that L’Oreal is starting to look more into natural product lines and reducing their Eco footprint. Now more importantly I am looking forward to trying them out and of course talking about it (so keep it posted).


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