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Supersonic Blowouts!

Noie Beauty: Dyson Supersonic hairdryer
Dyson Supersonic

I'm in love with the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer! After debating for nearly a year on buying Dyson’s entry into the blow dryer market I finally took the plunge (thanks in part to a wicked deal I scored at the 2019 ABAs Revel in Beauty trade show and Expo in Toronto). Dyson has two versions of the product and my experience below is based on the professional version specifically.

The first thing I noticed was that the dryer is very easy to use and super lightweight. This is something I value greatly as someone who is always using one! The innovative design has the motor (which carries the bulk of the weight) within the handle itself as opposed to being above it. This takes away the stress and strain you normally feel when handling traditional dryers over an extended period of time while at the same time allowing you to have greater movement. If nothing else my wrists thank you Dyson for thinking of all the stylists out there in your design.

Another thing is that it's super compact! I was shocked how much closer to the brush you could get when you didn’t have a bulky dryer to work with. Personally I found it makes it way easier to multitask as you don’t have to awkwardly juggle the dryer around when providing a hair service to a client! Even if you happen to get too close to the hair while you are multitasking you don’t have to worry about hair being sucked in the back thanks to its great design.

Noie Beauty: Dyson Supersonic
Dyson Supersonic

The dryer operates on a supersonic frequency so it's way quieter compared to other dryers out there and it drys hair much faster. At the same time, while it's powerful it doesn't over heat in anyway thanks to the computer chip that monitors the heat 20 times a second to maintain consistency. Thanks to this feature you will never have to worry about burning your client’s hair or overheating it (always a bonus when dealing with processed/coloured hair).

Beyond being powerful, compact and light weight the dryer makes it simple to use (as well as maintain). All the attachments are magnetic which makes changing them a breeze. Also the filter is supper easy to clean. The best tip for a longer life with the dryer is that you really need to clean it daily! I love my latest toy and I can’t wait to use this on more of my clients!


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