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I picked up a goodie bag of Electric London products at FAT thanks to my wonderful new friends at Electric London Canada and I have finally started using some of them! This wicked cool brand from England only came to Canada recently and been doing the rounds at events like FAT to help grow the awareness. While it's still has a small presence here there is a lot of buzz already around it already and I was super thrilled to have a chance to talk to the talented staff about it.

I just started using the H2-1 Hydrate Shampoo and H2-2 Hydrate Conditioner... first thought is that they smell amazing! This is the core of their hydration line and have a lot of awards behind it. They work to hydrate dry and stressed out hair, working overtime to give a more healthier smooth feel to your hair. While the creamy Shampoo revitalizes and moisturizes, they conditioner gives your a nice silky finish. As a hairstylist I know first hand the stress we put our hair through and we aren't always kind to it after so you can't forget to give it some love!

My goodie bag also had their C-2 Smoothing cream which is great if you are looking for something lightweight to help tame and smooth your hair. It works on all kinds of hair ( from coarse to fine or curly to straight). This is also a great heat protector to use before blowdrying or styling your hair. I am always a fan of products that don't weigh down your hair and the extra hydration is always welcome!

Thanks again for hooking me up Electric London Canada, I can't wait to try more of their amazing product line!


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