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Updated: May 29, 2018

In my opinion Kerastase is one of the best lines I've worked with so far. I have tried a lot of different brands and they are all good for specific uses, but I feel that Kerastase products overall really perform and do what you want them to do. I say this because every day when I'm working with these products I see them mold hair into beautiful works of art.

Recently, I been using a number of products from their Densifique line and I have to say that this line is perfect for you if your hair is on the finer side or lacks density. I recommend using the following three products as a 3-step process for your hair. First is the Bain Densite shampoo to clean your scalp (I find that when it lathers up it feels very thick). Second is the Fondant Densite conditioner that leaves your hair feeling silky yet full. These two work together for everyday use (or whenever you wash your hair). Now the third is the miracle worker that gives you volume, that is the Mousse Densimorphose you use when doing a blowout.

For best results shampoo and condition your hair first, make sure that you rinse your hair out well afterwards. Then towel dry your hair so that you soak up as much of the moisture as possible. Remember you don’t want your hair too wet otherwise it won’t absorb the product as well.

After you are done drying your hair apply a palm size amount of mousse, make sure that it is all over your scalp as well as the ends of your hair. Now depending on how fine your hair is don't overuse the product because too much of it can have the opposite results of what you are looking for and leave your hair feeling heavy. As well, I find that the mousse can get crispy or sticky as it dries, so the trick is to work fast with the product. Of course it's always easier to apply when I am doing it on someone else because I can work with it quickly, but when you are at home and doing it yourself it can be harder to work with... so just be aware.

Once the mousse is applied you will need to blow dry your hair fully. While you can do it the way you normally would at home, for best results I suggest that you do it upside down and then finish using a medium round brush to get that wave on the ends. For best results you can leave in the brushes on the sides and top of the head until they have cooled down to get more volume (of course this will depend on the length of your hair).

When I first used this product on a client I was soo shocked (and very pleased) with the results that I felt it was "Noie" worthy. I definitely wanted to blog about this because I wanted others to know how great these products are. Have you tried this line or any other line from Kerastase before? Let us know what you think of it! I will for sure be talking about more products from Kerastase soon!


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