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Nutritive: Treat Your Hair Right

Updated: May 29, 2018

I have had great experiences with the Kerastase products and this particular one (Nutritive) is amazing for those you who are looking for a light yet moisturizing product line. This just so happens to be one of their original lines especially formulated to moisturize normal to dry hair.

First we have the shampoo, I like to use Bain Satin 1 (meant for normal to slightly dry hair) as colouring has left my hair a bit dry so I find it works well to add moisture back in. For those with dryer hair you have the option to use Bain Satin 2. Why I like this shampoo is because while it moisturizes it does not feel heavy when I apply and it leaves your hair feeling silky. After you washed your hair the next step of course is to apply the conditioner Lait Vital. Take a dime sized amount of it and apply directly to your hair and once you have massaged it in you can rinse it off (no different than any other shampoo and conditioner application).

The true miracle worker of the package is Nectar Thermique, this creamy heat proctor goes on before you blow dry your hair. It not only protects your hair from heat damage but it adds more moisture into and when your are done it leaves your hair feeling nice and silky! For better results you need to rough dry your hair a little bit first to get some of the moisture out (because if there is too much water in your hair the product can not penetrate). Apply a dime sized amount (depending on the length of the hair) on your hair before you blow-dry, focus on the mid shaft to ends as you don't need this product on the root area. Enjoy!


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