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Want Whiter Teeth the Natural Way?

Updated: May 29, 2018

Hey guys! I want to talk a little about an amazing product I found from Nelson Naturals! …We’ve all been there at some point… trying to get our teeth whiter and using all kinds of whitening strips or toothpastes. I got good results with some but they made my teeth very sensitive and when my dentist said that they were causing my enamel to break down I knew I needed to find a more natural alternative.

As weird as it may sound, I read that Charcoal works great as a teeth whitener so I figured I give it a try. I am using the Remineralizing Whitening Treatment with Activated Charcoal from Nelson Naturals it has worked great for me. I got it at Your Good Health and have been using it for a few months.

Before brushing:

First brush with your regular toothpaste, rinse and then apply the treatment and brush for 2 minutes. It can get messy and the charcoal gets all over the place, so you have to make sure to rinse thoroughly and scrub your tongue or else you will be left with a black tongue. It works great and you will see a difference even after one try.

After brushing:

If you been looking to change how you whiten your teeth and want a more natural product I highly recommend you give this a try! Let me know if it worked for you as well.


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