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Yonka Men's Skin Care

Updated: May 29, 2018

I can tell you that I have tried a million different skin care lines ranging from drug store, department store and high end spa brands. This has been a consistent journey for me, why because your skin is always changing and we are AGING!!!! Also it's good to switch it up from time to time! What I have realized about my skin is that it's a combination skin (normal to dry) and a bit oily in the tzone. That said there hundred and one different things out there for you to correct that and it can become very overwhelming.

Recently I started using a line called Yonka Paris. You can typically find this line in spas (unfortunately it isn't sold at places like Sephora or department stores) as it normally combined with facials and other skin care treatments. The line has a tons of different products, so at first it can be a bit much. I decided to start with the basic mens line just to test it out. After trying a couple of different samples I really loved the smell and light texture of it. Yonka is combination of infused essential oils, fruits and plant extracts that help hydration and anti-aging. Depending on your skin care regiment starting off with some basics are essential.

Firstly, I love a good cleanser, usually I like foaming cleanser that really lathers but that tends to strip your skin leaving your face feeling really tight and dry...with this one it almost feels like jelly when you first put it on but when it goes on it lathers just a bit and it still leaves the skin feeling clean.

Secondly, I would choose a good moisturizing cream. Depending on your skin type you may need something thicker or lighter. For me I like a good nourishing cream that isn't too thick and absorbs into the skin (leaving my skin hydrated but not oily). I have to say that the Yonka cream is good for summer months but I will need something heavier or an added step like a serum for winter .

This is the latest in my ongoing search for the best skin care product for me and for now I am happy enough with the results to stick to this line. I still plan on trying new products to see if I find something I like better and of course blogging about them. I'll keep you posted on how the lines doing in the long run and if I come across anything else.

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